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Design Consultancy Services

SFMM Architects approach to design has been heavily shaped by the realities of “Construction” activity and realization of buildings. Due to its considerable involvement and exposure to the actual Construction, working in the field alongside Contractors, SFMM has developed an understanding of how various forces/constraints shape a particular design to grow into a building.


SFMM, especially in the last 20 years, has been performing out of the “Box” (design office), working alongside Contractors, have acquired the understanding and knowhow of what can actually be built within a particular geography, building culture, resource context and budget/time. This experience and approach meant evaluating the challenge of managing the design intent, client needs and expectations whilst accommodating particulars of above-mentioned constraints, early in the project preparation timeline to offset and manage risk of approval/cost/time overruns. One of primary aim of SFMM has been contemplating and providing the input of a potential Contractor

Airport Design
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Design Management


Building Design and Engineering

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