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SFMM Out of the "Box"

Bridging Global Aspirations with Local Excellence

SFMM Architects approach to design has been heavily shaped by the realities of “Construction” activity and realization of buildings. Due to its considerable involvement and exposure to the actual Construction, working in the field alongside Contractors, SFMM has developed an understanding of how various constraints shape a particular design to grow into a building.

SFMM, especially in the last 20 years, has been performing out of the “Box” meaning not serving as a design office,. SFMM works alongside Contractors, and has acquired the understanding and knowhow of construction realities within a particular geography, building culture, resource context and budget/time.


This experience and approach meant evaluating the challenge of managing the design intent, client needs and expectations whilst accommodating particulars of above-mentioned constraints, early in the project preparation timeline to offset and manage risk of approval/cost/time overruns. 



SFMM expertises in all stages of design , ensuring  smooth project execution. SFMM  design management team coordinate project sub teams, establish effective interdisciplinary communication channels between skateholders, and oversee resource management along with construction priorities.With experienced design coordinators and BIM skilled teams,SFMM emphasizes quality control and progressive development, providing continuous monitoring and technical support throughout the project lifecycle. SFMM involvement extends to project scheduling, and directing project development. Additionally, SFMM handles estimation and procurement to enhance project delivery efficiency.



SFMM integrates architectural and enginerring services with BIM capabilities, manages Autodesk Construction Cloud, serving as the primary point of contact for model publishing and distribution. SFMM BIM team attends weekly or monthly BIM coordination meetings, ensuring effective communication and collaboration among stakeholders. Additionally, BIM team provides comprehensive support to all team members, assisting with REVIT families and sheet templates to streamline workflow efficiency. SFMM BIM services include conducting clash tests and generating detailed reports, enabling proactive resolution of design conflicts as well as perform rigorous QA/QC checks and closely monitor model progress, ensuring adherence to project standards and specifications at every stage.



SFMM works as an enabler to provide ways and means to negotiate, reinterpret, resolve local constraints and international standards on the site. SFMM collaborates with concept designers / contractors / end clients as representative to incorporate local requirements and build on the scheme to achieve the design intent as prescribed.



SFMM converts complex forms and built ups into applicable details by closely working with designers, industrial designers and manufacturers. SFMM provides optimization studies and develop scripts to carry our bulky tasks for fabrication of the elements. SFMM adopts from model to fabrication methodology by eliminating the drawing documentation at maximum. 



SFMM produces shop drawings to ensure seamless communication between design intent and construction execution. With attention to detail, SFMM team translates architectural drawings and specifications into comprehensive shop drawings that outline the exact dimensions, materials, and assembly details required for construction. These drawings serve as a roadmap for contractors and craftsmen, facilitating efficient and accurate implementation of the design vision. By providing clear and precise shop drawings,  SFMM streamlines the construction process, minimize errors, and ultimately contribute to the successful realization of our clients' projects. 



SFMM engages actively in tender preparation, design coordination meetings, promptly tackling discipline-specific technical matters. SFMM team ensures timely production and issuance of project deliverables, and preparation of  RFQ packages when required. SFMM meticulously coordinates and liaises with all sub-consultants and specialists to ensure the proper integration of information at every stage of the project. Moreover, they prepare interface and base drawings for all involved parties, fostering transparent communication and collaboration.

SFMM takes on a key role in translating the project from concept design to reality with high-quality, innovative, effectively optimized architectural solutions meeting design intent and implementations tailored to the needs and goals of each project.
SFMM elevates your vision
from Concept to Construction.
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